Monday, October 27, 2014

Sick podge

Seriously am I being tested? not only 24 hours after writing my last post (even though ive only jist posted it i actually wrote it last thursday) did I become so sick I can't remember being that sick, which would put it in the category of one of the worst times I've ever been sick ever

Also one of the lowest points having both children in the bathroom while I was hurling but glad to report 3 days later I'm on the menu but boy what a nightmare that was

On the bright side I haven't eaten anything for 2 days so would of lost at least a kg right?  Well I haven't tested that theory yet but in saying that I have my appetite back and it don't want no salad - the I'm sick excuses r rolling in thick and fast

So going to give myself at least a week away from gym and I'm really going to try to not go mad in the food department, the test begins!! 

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