Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

I lost 1 kg !! That is all

As if that's it lol, good day, my little ollie had his first shots today and he was good as gold, my little trouper.  I have been good food wise. Little bit more snacky today, im looking to have a pre workout snack as I don't eat dinner until I have finished gym which is at 9 pm so it's extra calories. Yesterday I had grilled fish and that worked well but can't see myself grilling fish everyday so thinking of a protien bar below 100 calories.

I definitely need to make sure I have milk especially after dinner as tonight I couldn't have my usual no sugar hot choc because I've run out of milk so I was looking for something and ended up eating some cooking choc (desperado)!! The hot choc definitely curbs this craving (ive had all my life) to have something sweet after dinner and the milk fills me up so I don't look for anything for the rest of the night.

I also gave myself the excuse ive just done a gym class (body combat) burnt 450 calories, and that I'm having a fasting  day tomorrow, so i can have this bit of chocolate right ? WRONG podge
, i don't want to fall into this trap I'd rather still be in my allowable calories no matter what I've done or going to do.

So yeah im having a fasting day tomorrow eek

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