Monday, November 10, 2014

My big fat fail

I was in the best head space -like I'm talking, walking and going to the gym and keeping to 1200 calories eating healthy and wanting too - my every though was how I could lose more, exercise more and then BOOM

I got sick

Like really sick, most sick I've been in a long long time

And since then my head space has turned to shit and I cannot get it back!!

It was like I was being tested and I failed big time

So it's been two weeks since I was sick and today (which just happens to be a monday of course) I'm starting again

Starting again after eating all the badness you could think off, this included a Chinese this included hungry jacks and even a KFC t- countless mindless snacking on anything I could get my hands on and very minimum exercise

On the bright side I did do some exercise still and I did throw in a few healthy meals and snacks but I'm pretty sure the bad out weighed the good

I haven't yet weighed myself I'm too scared of the damage I've done - I was 103.7 I think

I'll go weigh myself right now even though I've had a coffee it's time to take accountability

Okay it's bad I'm basically back to where I started 105.2 I'm such an idiot

Ive given myself a minute to kick myself and feel sorry for myself but there is no point dwelling on what's been done I have to move forward I have to try again I cannot and will not stay at this weight for the rest of my life

New plan - protein day today and I'm taking my boys to the park for a walk and to feed the Ducks and if my husband gets home in time I'll go to the gym later on today - not buying any more crap for this house my boys will just have to go without

Here I go again

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