Thursday, October 9, 2014

Good podge bad podge

You know like good cop bad cop, well yesterday I was bad cop, today good cop !! Yesterday I had a spiraling downward slope to bingville and it all started with a headache, which then lead to not going to gym, which then lead to not beinv organised for dinner, which then lead to starving hunger, which of course led to a binge session !!!

But alas once again (and the evil thoughts were there) I turned it around today and have been super good been to the gym and have a new plan

Evil thoughts wanted me to continue the binge until the weekend was over as my brother and family r coming to stay with me so there will be badness but instead I counted calories today kept to my quota and went to rpm - first rpm class in like a year !!

I'm feeling re motivated as I've Decided to try go to the gym everyday in the week at 5.30pm I've devised a plan that means I've changed ollies feeding times to Co operate with him getting a feed straight before I put him in gym crèche which means he should sleep while I'm in my class or at least be full and happy.  This means I no longer gave to rely on the husband which eliminates excuses not to go and as long as I'm organized this plan should work

This also means I am covered for my bingville days because once I'm in that mindset I cannot talk myself out of it - believe me I've tried

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