Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dancing the podge away

My first night back at gym and it was great!! I did a jam class (which is like a dance class) and I did good, burnt 500 calories, better than I thought, and it felt great to be back, it made me feel empowered, that's until the pain sets in!!

Been a good girl today, I had lunch with some girlfriends and I opted for a beetroot salad which I enjoyed. I haven't snacked much at all today which has made a big difference to my calorie count but in saying that I haven't been hungry as much as I usually am hmmmmm.

This could be because of two things, my fasting day has made a dent in my appetite (not likely) or I'm going to get my girl things which means this is just the calm before the storm!! And being my first girl things since the birth of my son it's most likely going to be a doosie.  So this means I need to work hard over the next few days so that if I crash then I'm covered but  going to try my hardest not to.

Watched a show tonight of 5 woman getting style makeovers and it made me think of the clothes I can't wait to wear - all helps with the motivation at the moment which is at an all time high, those podgy images are still clear in my mind.

Also need to think of a low calorie midnight snack as when I'm up at the wee hours feeding ollie I do look for food- it helps wake me up.  I don't want a coffee at that time as I want to go back to sleep asap so need too think of something that's easy to grab - any suggestions? 

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