Thursday, January 8, 2015

10 days no sugar no salt challenge

So yesterday I had a binge session - so disappointed in myself but today is a new day and I'm ready to give it 100% I've got strawberries and egg whites at the ready for the hard times but I'm not giving in to the sugar or salt cravings for the next 10 days, I'm giving myself the opportunity to ween myself from its grasp and to let it go for real this time

Feeling motivated 

I'm also going to try before dinner to go to the ovals weather permitting or treadmill if not and do the learn to run 5k app 

Bring it on podge

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

96 days to

So I'm finally at 100kgs after 4 months since I had ollie I've lost 7kgs some on my own - I put some back on and lost again.  The rapid loss challenge so far is working but it's hard and a daily struggle.

Over Christmas I had a week basically of eating what ever I wanted then on the 30th of dec I went straight back to the challenge. I put on 1.4kgs over Christmas and to this date I've lost 3kgs but to be honest, I'm only giving it 95% 

5% is still snacking, although small, a few nuts here a bite of a chip there I still haven't let go of the salt and the sugar I struggle with it everyday and now that I've started exercising the hunger after exercising is really overwhelming that the excuses start rolling in of,I've just burnt so many calories I deserve this mini cherry ripe...... Right

Deep down I know I have to let go of the snacking as its my biggest downfall, it leads me to make excuses, it leads me to binge eat, then what next give up? 

Uh no not this time I declared this on Facebook and it ain't real till its on Facebook 

So I'm giving myself this week to continue with the exercising and to allow myself of healthy snacking only I.e strawberries, egg whites etc very low calorie no more sugar no more salt if I don't ween myself of these now I never will know a life without them and this is what I need to experience so that I can see that I don't need it to begin with so that I'm in this for the long run as once I lose it I still have to maintain it 

Then hopefully once my body is more used to the exercising and I've eliminated my sugar/salt craving I can stop the extra snacking then I can truly say I'm giving it 100%