Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Surprised and not surprised

So the weekend was coming I had healthy snacks ready to go I had my contribution to the bbq a nice healthy salad.

Then I got a wonderful surprise - my little brother, his wife and my georgous neice live in Perth and as I turned up to my parents house - there they were !!  Best surprise ever

Then comes the not surprised component - everything went out the Window, the weekend was filled with food food and more food and alcohol

I was also extremely emotional this weekend because of my girl things but not using any of these as an excuse I take full responsibility for my actions and today was a new day

Let's face it stuff like this is going to happen especially to me so as long as I'm chopping away at the weight then I can relax a little. I need to stop trying to rush the process so that I can be bad on social occasions and not feel guilty about it.

Secretly weighed myself though and I'm back to 105 just have to make sure I've lost this and a little more by next week and I did start by having a protien day and went to the gym and I need to utilize the semi naked photos again,  put the visual back in my head  sooooo

Just got to keep on trucking

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