Thursday, October 16, 2014

No pain no podgy

It's been a busy week hence why I haven't posted for a while - where did I leave off ? Well my brother his wife and 6mth old came to stay over the weekend which was awesome, hectic, crazy, wonderful, and tiring all rolled into one - oh and diet went out the window

So then I should of jumped right back into it on Monday right ? Nooo  well I started off well, then tiredness took its hold and I gave up by the arvo - but I did learn that tiredness, leaving myself to be too hungry and boredom are my binge triggers and I need to try to avoid these triggers as much as I can and when I can't  something i need to try next time is to force myself to leave the kitchen ? Worth a try - if I'm not in the kitchen I can't eat

So feeling down and depressed, I was too meet my friend for a morning coffee and suggested we walk which was about 30mins each way but boy did it help !! The walking and a good old vent to a friend renewed my mojo and I proceeded to go to body combat that night.

Since then I've been walking in the mornings and doing my gym class at night and been keeping to the diet - and man am I sore so so sore but I'm back in the right head space thank goodness and each day I have planned a walk and a gym class - today I'm walking to the shops from maxs child care and tonight I'm doing rpm (bring on the sore fanny)

My mum is  coming to stay the night so I'll get a catch up on some sleep and housework which only helps with the podgy daily fight

It's now the end of the week and I've managed to do 4 gym classes this week eaten majority healthy which includes buying my husband KFC while I made myself a stir fry! ! Winning :)

Really want to take a moment to thank my awesome gym it's called zone and has a great crèche facility to which I wouldn't be able to do any of this without it and the great staff there

It's the weekend now so no gym but a test on how I will go food wise I have one obstacle a kids b day party today but I think I'm prepared and in the right head space soooooo. ..........

Watch this space

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