Thursday, September 9, 2010

my first post ever

I have a son, his name is Max Patrick McPherson, hes got a full head of ginger and hes just awesome, hes perfect. So im just another first time mum who wants to get rid of my podge aferer pregnancy, but the truth be told, that i was podgy before i got pregnant Sooooo ive been trying to get rid of the podge for a long long time.

I have been podgy all my life and even though i have lost a little podge in the past i still remained a little... podgy, so whats different this time around? well i dont know yet as im only at the start and i always do good at the start.

The plan is the 12 week body transformation challange by michelle bridges
Seriously i have payed out this chick (her wide eye look freaks me out ) watching biggest loser but she just may be the one thing that will get me to the end this time. Even though im only on the pre season tasks, its making me really think about stuff, stuff i have thought about before but not in so much detail.

Something has clicked thats for sure and i feel like the stars have alligned this time - its my time