Monday, September 29, 2014

Not ready to share the podge with the world

So after getting my 4 year old to take my bodyblitz photos because I am too embarrassed to get my husband to do it - that was a sure sign that I wasn't ready to share those photos with the world.

After looking at them in shame, I could not bring myself to go through with the challenge,  already a failure hey

Well it has triggered something.... I cannot get those images out of my head - every time I was hungry today those images were in my head - they are in my head now and I could write a novel of excuses, try a million different things but these photo's are going to get me to my goal weight - I know it, more than ive ever known before.

I believe that the challenge stood out to me for this reason, and it will be part of my story on how I beat the podge.

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