Sunday, September 28, 2014

The new podgy plan

After having the weekend to ponder on my previous past posts I'm jumping right into it with a few ideas to try, and what do u know? it just happens to be Monday !!  my most favorite day to start a healthy lifestyle (cos diet is a bad word apparently)

I've already conquered my first hurdle and that was telling the husband I'm going back to the gym tomorrow - not that he won't support me its just life is particularly hard for him at the moment and me going to the gym may add to this but I'm only committing to 3 nights so far -  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday- and on a promise the kids will be sorted by the time he gets home from work ie feed bathed - I'm such a good wife

My next plan or commitment you might call it is I'm going to join the body blitz challenge thru womans health and fitness magazine,  so off to the shops I went today to purchase my newspaper and take a horrendous photo of myself - making myself accountable - pretty good hey

As for fooood I love food dam it - I'm mixing it up between counting calories, fasting days (from the 2/5 diet) and protien days.  So this week is a tester of Monday fasting, Tuesday and Wednesday calorie counting and Thursday protein-  the rest of the week is also calorie counting.

Hoping to stay on track 100% especially with the bodyblitz challenge but knowing myself ill have bad days, so at least then I'll have back up if I do have a bad day.

What do u think ? A recipe for success or disaster ........

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