Sunday, December 7, 2014

The podge is winning

So I'm at the end of one of my downers that's been on going for two weeks eating whatever mindless eating and I'm in a rut I know why I'm sick of it I'm over working my ass off for little results it's in the too hard basket atm motivation the lowest

So I needed a new plan and I needed it fast something catches my eye it's a challenge it's a challenge where u can win money it's shakes

I know

But knowing it's not the answer and it's not going to last it's drastic action which I need right now and if anything it will get me back on track drastic action

It's called rapid loss and the name says it all the challenge is 16 weeks and you can win money but I'll not hold my breath for that even though that would be a bonus

I guess the justification is that first two weeks is meal replacement then you can reduce it to snacks but being my timing is that it's Xmas day in exactly two weeks I'm thinking I'll be doing the two weeks again

Any hoo wish me luck!!

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